Annual's Chocolate Girl


Annual's Texas Rose

Annual's Texas Rose

Annual's The Pover of Love, CK 5 BT

Annual's The Pover of Love


Annuals Midsummer Dancer augusti-09, Ägare Johanna Westerlund

@ 12 m
Annuals Midsummer Dancer , Ägare Johanna Westerlund

Successful hunting with Berra and 3 generation bitches A Dancing Star , A What A Witch och A Electric Girl

Annuals Get A Grip

ägare Maria o Carro Christensen


Annuals Calender Girl
e Mandamay Caretaker u Annual´s Summer Dream
" Debbie " Cert o BIM Skokloster 2001

Annuals Old Times
e CH Lorecho Ozzie u Annual´s Electric Girl
äg Anitha Gräns . CK utst

Boldwinds Notting Hill
e Mandamay Caretaker u Annuals Old Times

SU(u)CH Jayncourt Natural Star


" Brasse "
Annuals Souper Trouper



Annuals Gentle Flirt

Annuals High Society Girl

CH Annual´s Northern Savanna

Annuals Drama Queen

Annual´s Northern Star

Annual's No Kidding

CH.Carpenny Hurricane
CH. Carpenny Hurricane

CH Annuals Nut Cracker
CH Annuals Nutcracker

Jayncourt Star Yoker
Jayncourt Star Yoker

Annuals News Flash

Editors Don't Panic
Editor's Don't Panic

Richbourne Black As Your Hat

Annuals Honky Tonk Woman

Annuals Midsummer Love
Annuals Midsummer Love

Richbourne Kuri
Richbourne Kuri

Annuals Midsummer Madness
Annuals Midsummer Madness

Hold The Gold Bella Mare

Annuals Girl Power

Annuals The Guardian
Annuals The Guardian

Annuals Street Smart
Annuals Street Smart

Annuals Street Devil
Annuals Street Devil

Annuals The Real Deal
Annuals The Real deal

CH Annuals Midsummer Madness
CH Annuals Midsummar Madness

CH Annual's StoormTrooper
CH Annual's StoormTrooper


Annuals Show Girl

Camelot Bella Mare


Annual's West End Girl


Annuals Piece Of Cake
Annuals Peace of Cake

Annuals She Bang's

CH Annuals Tartan Girl

Annuals Trinity Girl

CH Annuals Wagamama
Annuals Wagamama


Annual´s No No Nanette

Annuals Glamour Girl

Annuals Night Harmony

Annuals Hot Gossip

Annuals Naughty Girl

Jayncourt AmusingStar

Richbourne GuidingStar
Richbourne GuidingStar

Annual's Star Gazer

Annuals Naf Naf

Annuals Nearly Crazy

Annuals Dash Girl

Annuals Golden Girl

Annuals Top Gun


Annuals Dream Supreme

Annual´s Non Stop

Mallorn's Impuls
Mallorns Impulse

Annuals Keep It A Secret

Annual's Night Star

Editors Organized Chaos
Editors Organized Chaos

Annuals Navy Girl

Annual's New Girl In Town


Annuals Tingle Tangle


Annuals The Gossip Girl

Fieldvalley's Yohan
Fieldvelley Yohan

Annuals Street Bandit
Annuals Street Bandit

Annual's Modern Talking
Annuals Modern Talking

Mallorns Vanessa

* Annuals Perfect Gentleman *

Annual's Sugar Babe

Annuals Pink Me Up

Annual's Sahara Hot Night

Annuals Chocolate Girl

Mallorn's Versace
Mallorns Versace

Jayncourt Star Parade

Cover Girl Bella Mare

Annual's Ice Queen In Disquise