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I had my first Labrador in 1971 and first got involved in breeding in 1984.

I was activly competing in both field trials and shows during the 70's and 80's
with the dogs Aroscas Midnight Cowboy, Aroscas Black Lad,
Aroscas Born to be Alive and Aroscas Moon Magnificent
Shows and trials have been important activities for me over the years and
I have since 1980 used my dogs for practical gamefinding and retrieving.

A black bitch puppy Aroscas Country Lass, known as "Skruttan",
was purchased in 1981. "Skruttan" got three CC´s,
the third at Skokloster show in May 1984
and in August that year she received her first award in an open class
field trial and therewith became Swedish Show Champion.

"Skruttan" became the foundation bitch for Annual's Kennel and today
we have the seven generation from her.

I purchased some sperm from GBCH Carpenny Chevalier in 1987 and
"Skruttan" was inseminated and from that combination the black
bitch Annual's What a Witch, "Haxan", as retained.
"Haxan" became a most importent part of the kennel both as
a brood bitch and as a hunting companion.

In 1991 the two brothers Jayncourt Star Extra Odynar (yellow) and
Jayncourt Star Exelance (black) arrived from Mr. & Mrs. Palmer, England.
Together they have been a succesful addition to the kennel
as they have proven to be very good sires.

In 1992 I imported the yellow bitch Jayncourt Spring Blossom in whelp
to Sandylands Broom. I kept a yellow bitch named Annual´s Baby Love
who is now the mother of for example Annual´s Fashion Girl and Annual's Taste of America.
My ambition and goal is to try to breed healthy, mentally sound Labradors
with a will to work and an appealing exterior.

Photo from Skokloster 2000

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