Annual´s Northern Dancer
born 2008-01-12
* Felix *

Optigen Normal/Clear by parents

Full vaccinee and passport

Jayncourt Natural Star
GBSHCH Sandylands Gad-About GBCH Sandylands My Guy
GBSHCH Sandylands Bliss
Jayncourt Star-Blossom Jayncourt Star Tradition
Jayncourt Moonbeam
Richbourne Black As Your Hat GBCH Amberstope Blue Moon Rocheby Navy Blue
Carromer Heaven Sent At Amberstope
Richbourne Shooting Star Jayncourt Star-Striker
Lenches Graceful Of Richbourne

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Lena Wiberg-Johansson * Lötsta Gård * 153 94 HÖLÖ * 08-55159207 Fax 08-55159208


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