Richbourne Guiding Star
Born 2000-09-16
" Gus "

Hips B-B . Elbows 0-0 . Clear eyes

Offspring to Gus

Mitty Bella Secret Weapon from Annual´s
CH Annual´s Good As Gold
Annual´s Ground Force
Annual´s Golden Girl


Jayncourt Star Striker Jayncourt Star Tradition CH Sandylands My Guy
Jayncourt Star Suprise
Jayncourt Moonbeam Jayncourt Star-Kracker
Jayncourt Jingle-Jangle
Lenches Graceful of Richbourne CH Sandylands Gadabout CH Sandylands My Guy
CH Sandylands Bliss
Lenches Tiptop CH Tibblestone The Chorister
Lenches Personality






Lena Wiberg-Johansson * Lötsta Gård * 153 94 HÖLÖ * 08-55159207 Fax 08-55159208


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