Lena Wiberg-Johansson * Lötsta Gård * 153 94 HÖLÖ * 08-55159207 Fax 08-55159208


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Annual´s Fair Play
Born 1994-11-09

CC quality

Hips & Elbows Pass. Clear eyes


CH Melicmark Excuse My French
Sandylands Rise and Shine CH Ransom of Sandylands
Sandylands Bramble
CH Dee-Fair Flying Marigold Melic CH Sandylands Night Flight
CH Dee-Fair F Rosemary Roric
Annual's Baby Love Sandylands Broom CH Trenow Brigadier
Sandylands Rae
Jayncourt Spring Blossoms Jayncourt Star-Topper
Jayncourt Revelation